FMCSA Announces New Video, “How to Register, FMCSA Registration Overview for Motor Carriers”

Motor carriers play a critical role in transporting goods, services, and our loved ones throughout our Nation’s roadways that keep our economy thriving. But before starting your business, new motor carrier applicants need to register with FMCSA to obtain a USDOT number and MC number (also known as a motor carrier docket number), which represents operating authority.

Motor carrier applicants with no pre-existing registration or operating authority must register using the Unified Registration System, or URS. In addition, people assisting motor carrier applicants with this process must use the URS to submit an application. The URS is an online registration system that streamlines the registration process and stores information on all entities regulated by FMCSA.

The FMCSA’s Office of Registration is excited to announce a new video to help motor carrier applicants complete the registration process. “How to Register, FMCSA Registration Overview for Motor Carriers” provides clear, need-to-know information to new motor carrier applicants, offices, agencies, and persons supporting applicants in using the Unified Registration System (URS). It offers additional resources to help answer questions that may arise throughout the process about their unique operations.

The video is available on the FMCA Registration homepage (see: Successfully completing the registration process will bring you one step closer to getting out on the road and operating safely on our Nation’s highways.

Our primary mission is to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.