FMCSA Revs Up Military Driver Programs; Puts Qualified Veterans in the Fast Lane for Lucrative Careers

Military Driver Program enabling Veterans; a driver in front of a truck.

While there are numerous resources available to help transitioning military members and Veterans find civilian employment, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) accelerates this process by providing eligible individuals with a unique onboarding ramp into high-paying, long-standing careers.

Through its Even Exchange and Military Skills Test Waiver programs, FMCSA allows qualified applicants the opportunity to bypass traditional training programs and apprenticeships, merging their military and industry driving experience to obtain a civilian commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and get a jumpstart in their careers within the transportation industry.


FMCSA’s Military Driver Programs allow transitioning military members and Veterans the opportunity to skip some of the more excruciating aspects of the job-hunting process, such as trying to translate military skills into HR-ready buzzwords or acquiring a decent salary. Moreover, these programs also provide qualified individuals with the keys to securing flexible, in-demand, and meaningful jobs.

Additionally, Veterans are not strangers to the transportation industry. At least one in 10 truck drivers are Veterans, which is double the rate of workers as a whole. However, recent developments, including a surge in demand for both freight transportation services and an increasingly scarce number of drivers, have brought about initiatives that make this career path even more attractive. From significant boosts in pay and signing bonuses to improved health benefit packages and 401(k)s, the transportation industry can help put military members and Veterans in the driver’s seat of their careers.

Use your military driving skills in a civilian job; a veteran enabled as a CMV driver.
Use your military driving skills in a civilian job; a veteran enabled as a CMV driver.

Find out if you are eligible, and learn more about the Even Exchange Program and Military Skills Test Waiver Program.

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