Is your moving company being transparent?

2 min readApr 28, 2021

Use the U.S. Department of Transportation’s registered movers database to make sure the moving company you hire is legitimate.

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Are you one of the 56% of Americans who plan to move over the course of this year? Whether you are looking to lower the cost of your living expenses or are aiming to take advantage of new workplace flexibilities, your upcoming move should be exhilarating — not exhausting.

As we approach May, which is National Moving Month, we know that more families, young professionals, military personnel, and empty nesters will pack up their belongings and cross state lines for new and better opportunities. However, we also know that this is when moving scams skyrocket, often costing Americans both thousands of dollars and irreplaceable losses.

To safeguard your move, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides free tools and resources that will help keep frustrations from bubbling over. One of our most valuable assets is our registered movers database, which helps ensures that your moving company is reputable while also showcasing any grievances or safety violations that have been filed against it.

While most moving companies do a great job, the sad truth is some movers are more interested in putting money in their pockets than putting your belongings in safe hands. Each year, we receive thousands of complaints about companies seriously damaging or losing belongings, over charging for their services, tacking on hidden fees, and holding valuables hostage until they can swindle people for more money.

Don’t let these dishonest moving companies burst your bubble! Pop over to to learn how to avoid scammers.

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