Key Resources for a Successful Move

You are all set for your move out of state. You’ve packed your household belongings and said goodbye to your neighbors. But before you start on your new adventure, don’t forget to talk to your moving company about the following resources they are legally required to provide you with to ensure your items arrive to your destination.

  1. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Ready to Move Brochure and Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move Booklet. These items, provided to you with your written estimate, will help you understand moving-related terminology and share answers to commonly asked questions about working with interstate movers.
  2. Order for Service. This document outlines all services and logistical items related to your move, including contact information for all parties involved, timelines for transportation, and payment information and estimates for final cost.
  3. Bill of Lading. This serves as your official contract with the moving company. It includes all pack, load, and delivery dates. Review your bill of lading to make sure it fully matches the terms and conditions of your move as outlined in your order for service.
  4. Inventory Worksheet. As movers are loading your boxes into the truck, they are required to take a detailed inventory of your possessions. They will make a list of any items with noticeable damage, and it is your job to review the document to make sure you agree with their assessment.

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