Register for FMCSA’s Discretionary Grant Program Technical Assistance Webinar Series

2 min readOct 6, 2022


The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) provides several annual discretionary grants to support commercial motor vehicle (CMV) safety activities. Discretionary grants are a type of competitive federal grant that an agency awards based on the content of an application.

Never applied for a federal grant before or want more information on the process? No problem. From October 12 to November 1, 2022, we will host four informational webinars about our grant programs. In addition to reviewing the specific types of grants available, we’ll cover necessary steps and helpful tips for applying, as well as specific eligibility requirements.

View the schedule, descriptions, and register for each session at All webinars will be conducted through Zoom, and registration is required to attend.

FMCSA’s discretionary grant programs are open to state, local, tribal, and territorial government entities and to specific types of non-profit and educational organizations. These programs are:

· Commercial Driver’s License Program Implementation (CDLPI): Provides funding to reduce the number and severity of CMV crashes by ensuring that only qualified drivers are eligible to receive and retain a Commercial Driver’s License.

· Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator Safety Training (CMVOST): Aims to expand the number of Commercial Driver’s License holders with enhanced safety training and to assist current or former U.S. military service members and their spouses in transitioning to CMV careers.

· High Priority Commercial Vehicle Safety (HP-CMV): Supports national enforcement projects that: improve safety and compliance with CMV regulations; increase public awareness/education; demonstrate new technologies; and reduce the number and rate of CMV crashes.

· High Priority Innovative Technology Deployment (HP-ITD): Supports state entities responsible for developing and managing innovative technology and/or new projects that will have a positive impact on CMV information and safety systems.

For more information on the types of grants that FMCSA offers, as well as news, updates, and resources, visit:




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