Sharing the Road Safely: Bicyclists, Pedestrians, Large Trucks, and Buses

2 min readJul 20, 2023

Bicycling and walking can be a fun and healthy activity that serves as a great mode of transportation to get around. With the summer in full swing, many bicyclists and pedestrians will take in the warm weather and enjoy outdoor fun and adventure. While biking and walking are great activities, it is important that both bicyclists and pedestrians are observant of their surroundings and recognize how to share the road safely with large trucks and buses.

Bicyclists and pedestrians experience unique safety challenges. They lack full protection in the event of a crash, travel slower than motor vehicles, and it can be difficult for drivers to see them — particularly truck and bus drivers as they have broad blind spots. Bicyclists and pedestrians should avoid riding or walking behind a truck or bus that is backing up; drivers often cannot see directly behind their vehicle.

Graphic Reads: Terry’s Concert 10mi. We’re all going somewhere. Let’s help each other get there safely.

Before heading out the door to ride your bicycle or to take a walk, here are a few tips to remember as you share the road safely with large trucks, buses, and other roadway users:

Prepare for Wide Turns: Trucks and buses don’t maneuver as easily as smaller vehicles and need to make wide, careful turns. If a large vehicle is stopped at an intersection or about to turn right, wait for them to turn before continuing your journey and step back from the curb to be safe.

Be Aware of Long Stopping Distances: Large trucks and buses need the length of up to two football fields to safely stop. Bicyclists should avoid merging closely in front of a moving truck or bus.

Make Yourself Visible: In the daytime, bright clothing is best for visibility. At night and during bad weather, wear reflective clothing, use reflectors and lights on your bike, and carry a flashlight and/or wear a headlight while walking.

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